Who Is Reclaiming?

A community, a tradition, a musical ensemble?

Reclaiming – isn’t that a folk band that recorded a bunch of chants albums?

Or is it a nonprofit group based in San Francisco?

An activist cluster at major political convergences?

Maybe it’s the name of a decades-old spiritual tradition now rooted on three continents?

Possibly all of the above?

A Working Definition

Reclaiming is an international community working to unify spirit and activism. Reclaiming’s Earth-based vision is rooted in the religion and magic of the Goddess, the Immanent Life Force.

We see our work as teaching and making magic: the art of empowering ourselves and each other. The skills we learn and the songs we sing are used to strengthen ourselves and our community, voice our concerns about the world in which we live, and bring to birth a  vision of a new culture.

From Reclaiming.org – where you can also find links to local groups, info about our network, our music, and our vast cache of archives!

Read Reclaiming’s Principles of Unity at: Reclaiming.org/about/

What We Do

It’s easier to define Reclaiming by talking about what we do.

Activism – from the anti-nuclear movement of the 1980s through Occupy in the 2010s, Reclaiming activists and musicians have taken to the streets (and sometimes the jail cells) to work for justice and peace. You can read more about Reclaiming activism on the following pages and in the Lore sections of several chants. Follow recent organizing at ReclaimingQuarterly.org


Witchcamp – in addition to local classes and workshops, Reclaiming groups around North America, Europe, and Australia have created witchcamps – intensives that teach magical skills for changing our lives and changing the world around us. See page 10 or visit witchcamp.org

Family Witchcamps – retreats such as Redwood Magic, Witchlets in the Woods, and Teen Earth Magic bring magical skills, nature awareness, and group skills to families and young people. Google these camps for more info.

Music – various ensembles within our community have recorded collections of songs and chants released under the name “Reclaiming.” Each album is unique, although singers and songwriters overlap. For more info, visit http://www.ReclaimingQuarterly.org or search for Reclaiming on CDBaby, Amazon, etc.

On the Web

Reclaiming.org – our portal site, with international contacts

Reclaiming.org/about – background & links

Witchcamp.org – links to international witchcamps and family camps

WeaveAndSpin.org – current magical and activist posts

ReclaimingQuarterly.org – archives, music, current news

BayAreaReclaiming.org – SF-area events and classes

ReclaimingSpiralDance.org – annual Samhain ritual in SF

Starhawk.org – writings, recordings, and links to Earth Activist Trainings

Facebook – search for Reclaiming to find local Reclaiming groups

Bay Area Public Rituals

The Spiral Dance – join us in SF around Samhain/Halloween each year for our grandest ritual of the year – visit ReclaimingSpiralDance.org

San Francisco Bay Area public rituals – all welcome – visit BayAreaReclaiming.org

Photo Teen Earth Magic / courtesy RQ Archives

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