Reclaiming: A Legacy of Activism & Music


From the 1980s anti-nuclear movement through the 2011 Occupy protests and beyond, Reclaiming activists have taken our spirituality – and our chants – into the streets.

Some of our most powerful songs were written for major actions – We Are the Power in Everyone (Song 9) was written for a 1982 protest at Livermore Weapons Lab. Sweet Water (Song 2) stems from an anti-G8 mobilization in Calgary in the early 2000s.

And one of our favorite magical songs of all time, We Are the Rising Sun (Song 3), was created for a 2003 peace march in Albuquerque.

Occupy Oakland & Beyond

When Occupy sprang up in 2011, Reclaiming folks found ways to plug in – several moved in  at Occupy SF and Occupy Berkeley; some were part of the Interfaith Tent at Occupy Oakland; and dozens marched and risked arrest and teargas at Occupy Oakland, SF, and related bank actions.

The Occupy actions also had their artistic sides, such as the November 2011 General Strike, which included both a disco line and a spiral dance (the latter courtesy of Reclaiming).

Reclaiming musicians hosted singalongs at Berkeley and SF (as well as singing in the streets of Oakland) – see our Occupy Songsheet in the printable PDF version of this booklet.

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Photos: General Strike • Occupy Oakland • November 2011

Above: As part of the General Strike, Reclaiming activists organized a spiral dance in the intersection of Broadway and 14th in the heart of downtown Oakland.

Top: Thousands of people marched and shut down the Port of Oakland – a shutdown supported by many port workers and union groups.

Photos by Luke Hauser / courtesy Reclaiming Quarterly archives

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