Cantos Sagrados – New bilingual chants recordings!

NOTE – this project is on hold for the time being – we will resume when conditions allow us to gather again.


Hear our first (very) rough demos!

Aire Soy/Air I Am – with Muddy Waters coda

Ella Cambia Todo / She Changes Everything She Touches

Cantos Sagrados – Bilingual Chants On the Way!

The Campfire Chorus* is heading back to our garage studio to record bilingual Spanish-English versions of four of our most-loved chants:

  • Air I Am / Aire Soy
  • Tierra Mi Cuerpo / Earth My Body
  • We Are a Circle / Somos Un Circulo
  • She Changes Everything / Ella Cambia Todo

We rehearsed for the first time January 18 – mostly we worked on our pronunciations and phrasings.

Hear our first demos – very rough living-room recordings!

Please Support Our New Recording!

Although we plan to record again in a home/garage studio, we need your support to buy a good USB converter, a condenser microphone, and studio speakers – total about $1000. Later, we’ll need support for the final mastering steps.

Please help! Donations are tax-deductible. You can donate via paypal, or email us for a mailing address or with any questions.

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Hear our first demos – very rough living-room recordings!

* – The Campfire Chorus

Reclaiming Playlists & Albums –

The Campfire Chorus formed in 2014 to rehearse and record Reclaiming’s Campfire Chants album. Many of us met at Redwood Magic and Witchlets family camps.

The recordings are supported by our family camps, the Reclaiming Quarterly work cell, and the Bay Area Wheel (the Wheel is the coordinating council of Bay Area Reclaiming work groups).