The Chants

Listen to the album free on YouTube and Spotify


  1. Wake Again (Faerie Prelude) – by Maxina Ventura
  2. Sweet Water – by Starhawk
  3. We Are the Rising Sun – by Ravyn Stanfield
  4. Circle Round the Balefire – by Laurie Lovekraft
  5. Weave and Spin – by Starhawk
  6. My Soul – by Suzanne Sterling & Jeffrey Alphonsus Mooney
  7. The Welcome Flame – by Seed (Calla Unsworth)
  8. Harvest Chant – by T. Thorn Coyle
  9. We Are the Power in Everyone – by Starhawk
  10. Wheel of the Year – by Teen Earth Magic
  11. Come The Night, On – by Maxina Ventura
  12. Body of the Earth – by Starhawk
  13. Let the Beauty We Love – by Jeffrey Alphonsus Mooney
  14. Rising of the Moon – by Starhawk
  15. Cycles of the Moon – by George Franklin
  16. One With the Darkness – by Meg Yardley
  17. Skit: Around the Campfire
  18. Goodnight Sweet Witches – Traditional
Listen to the album free on YouTube and Spotify


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