Thanks to Our Local Community!

Along with all of Reclaiming, we thank the many members of work cells, weaver groups, family and youth camps, and organizers who help sustain Bay Area Reclaiming communities – the cauldron in which our music was born.

We thank:

Spiral Dance chorus and past Reclaiming chants musicians; Turning Earth Singers; Funky Nixons; Prairiewine; Dave Pensado & Into the Lair; Maybelle Carter, John Lee Hooker, George Harrison, and our innumerable artistic ancestors; Witchcamp fire circles; and our many muses, from Polyhymnia to the Pacific Ocean to our children.

In addition to musicians and production team, we thank Elaine, Marg, and Fairview Gardens House, Rich, Ari, Fly, Blair, Kyla, Lisa, Christina, Seonaid, Tarin, Jamie, Owen, Anne, Andy, Blake, Natalia, Mykel, Hilary, Emily, Dusky, Amy, Aidan, Jasper, Maya, Julian, KaeliMo, Athena, Kaelin, Monieka, Stas, Casey, Alex, Adissa, Talullah, Frank, Riyana, Jason, Briar, Penske, Lyra, Trillium, Lindsey, Abel, Allison, Seneca, Rahula, Maeve, Natasha, Laura, Joe, Jax, Kala, Georgie, Tigris, Catherine, Jamie, Marie-Laure, Thibaut, Ian, Heidi, Moss, Rose, Laurel, Ewa, Gwydion, Magic Brook, Luz, Ruby, Spiraleena, Ivory Fly, Flame, Christie, Elizabeth, Gwion, Phoenix, Irisanya, Justin, Copper, Root, Helen, Lizann, Susan, Honeycomb, Yule, Neon Animal, Preston, Norma, Dailey, Vibra, Eric, Charles, Jonathan, Golden Rabbit Ranch, Robin, Evelie, Gwynne, Cypress, Victoria, Patti, Patricia, Tia, Leigh Ann, Nolan, April, Jude, Chester the Cat and Chester the Raccoon, Urania, Thom, John, Kim, Beth, Snow, Teri, Michael, Keith, Chimes by, and Does 1 through 100 inclusive.

Thanks to Earth Activist Training; the Spiral Dance Production Cell; Ritual Planning Cells in North Bay, East Bay, Los Angeles, and San Francisco; Mysteries of Samhain, and Witchcamps in all hemispheres; the Bay Area Wheel; Terras Temple; Berkeley PaganFest; PantheaCon; Ancient Ways; CAYA Coven; Spark Collective; Mendocino Woodlands; forest and eco-defenders; Peoples Park; Food Not Bombs; Black Lives Matter; the spirit of Occupy; and Reclaiming chants fans and singers everywhere — may a thousand campfires bloom.

Finally, we thank the Goddess who is known by many names. On this album She is often called Earth, Moon, Sun, or Star — and in many songs She is invoked as “We Are!”


Let the Beauty We Love quotes Rumi.

Rising Sun quotes June Jordan (“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for”).

One with the Darkness quotes Wendell Berry (refrain lines).

Our songs are musical commentaries on these passages, which are quoted under Fair Use. Many thanks to the authors.

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