Musicians and Production Team

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Campfire Chorus: Meg Yardley, Max Ventura, David Silva-Espinoza, Jaden Silva-Espinoza, Vesper, George Franklin, Paul Cumpian

Kids Chorus: Laurel, Amokeh, Téa, Alexa, Maisey, Kai, Miranda, Talise

Guest Vocals: Ingrid Pollyak, Eileen Hazel, Lisa Meadowlark Wong

Conga: Paul Cumpian

Guitars, Bass, Harmonica, & Train Whistle: George Franklin

Ukelele & Jawharp: David Silva-Espinoza

Flute: Artemis Jackson

Clarinet: dress

Fiddle (tracks 2, 5, 7, 8, 11, 15, 16): Alison Bailey Streich

Fiddle (tracks 4, 9, 12, 14): Mark Simos (Mark’s tracks recorded by Dan Cantor/Notable Productions)

Chants selected and arranged by the Campfire Chorus and recorded by George Franklin/GroundWork

Descants created by Meg Yardley

Harmonies created by Jaden Silva-Espinoza and Max Ventura

Mastered by Winter/

Graphic design and illustration by Michael Starkman

Album coordinated by George Franklin, Laurie Lovekraft, Sarah Donelson, and the Redwood Magic Family Camp Weavers with support from

Entire album © 2016 Reclaiming. Songs used with permission. All rights beyond these recordings revert to authors.

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