Listen to the album free on YouTube and spotify

Contents – Introduction

Welcome to the Witchcamp Fire Circle!

Dedications to Four Beloved Ancestors

Singers, Musicians, and Production Team

Special Thanks to Our Local Community

Who Is Reclaiming?

A Legacy of Activism and Music

Reclaiming Witchcamps

The Spiral Dance: Magic & Music

Earlier Reclaiming Albums

A Ten Year Odyssey – Or Maybe Twenty…

Recording: A Do-It-Ourselves Journey

The Campfire Chorus: Co-Creating the Music

Kids’ Chorus: Creating Their Own Magic

The Campfire Sound: Honoring Our Influences

Campfire Chants – The Songs

Campfire Chants: Songs for the Earth

Song 01: Wake Again (Faerie Prelude) by Maxina Ventura

Song 02: Sweet Water by Starhawk

Song 03: We Are the Rising Sun by Ravyn Stanfield

Song 04: Circle Round the Balefire by Laurie Lovekraft

Song 05: Weave and Spin by Starhawk

Song 06: My Soul by Suzanne Sterling & Jeffrey Alphonsus Mooney

Suzanne Sterling’s Wings: Simple Chants for Rituals

Song 07: The Welcome Flame by Seed (Calla Unsworth)

Song 08: Harvest Chant by T. Thorn Coyle

Song 09: We Are the Power In Everyone by Starhawk

Song 10: Wheel of the Year by Teen Earth Magic

Teen Earth Magic: A Reclaiming Youth Intensive

Song 11: Come the Night, On by Maxina Ventura

Song 12: Body of the Earth by Starhawk

Earth Activist Training with Starhawk

Song 13: Let the Beauty We Love by Jeffrey Alphonsus Mooney

Chant-Writing: Jeffrey Alphonsus Mooney

Song 14: Rising of the Moon by Starhawk

Song 15: Cycles of the Moon by George Franklin

Song 16: One With the Darkness by Meg Yardley

Song 17: Skit – Around the Campfire

Song 18: Goodnight Sweet Witches Traditional

Revolutionary Pagan Workers Vanguard: Chants Edition Features, Archives, and more


Image by Ione Meraki

Campfire Chants: Songs for the Earth

Listen to the album free on YouTube and spotify

Entire album © 2016 Reclaiming. Songs used with permission. All rights beyond these recordings revert to authors.

Campfire Chants is a benefit for Redwood Magic and our vision of Reclaiming Family Camps.

CDs available via Downloads and streaming at all outlets.

Booklet produced by Reclaiming Quarterly. Lyrics copyright as noted. This version completed August 2016.

Deluxe print edition – or download a free PDF of this booklet!

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