Campfire Chants: Songs for the Earth

Campfire Chants: Songs for the Earth

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Campfire Chants features Reclaiming’s best-loved witchcamp chants from the 2000s, performed by a mixed chorus accompanied by conga, guitar, bass, flute, clarinet, fiddles – and even a ukelele!

Reclaiming’s newest chants album features five songs written by Starhawk, plus songs from Suzanne Sterling, T. Thorn Coyle, and more. Some of these chants were written for witchcamps – others for direct action gatherings – and still others to honor nature and her cycles.

This is a soundtrack to change your life – and to change the world. Join us around the campfire for a magical musical journey!

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This wordpress site features our 50-page booklet of Lyrics and Lore – complete lyrics and guitar/uke chords for every song on Campfire Chants, plus interviews with the authors,  stories about the chants, and more. Scroll down to continue reading.

You can also download a full-color, 50-page PDF version, or buy a printed edition.

There’s even a page with mini-reviews and links to our previous four albums – click here

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