Welcome to the Witchcamp Fire Circle!


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Welcome to the Witchcamp Fire Circle. We could be gathered anywhere from Vermont to Queensland, from British Columbia to Germany.

On this evening, we’re gathered among the redwoods of Mendocino Woodlands for our Northern California family witchcamps, Redwood Magic and Witchlets in the Woods.

The ritual is over. Some folks have headed to bed. Others pull up camp chairs around the fire ring. Little ones sleep on laps. Kids and teens talk or play around the edges. Smores appear.

As people talk or gaze into the fire, someone picks up a guitar and strums a Ramones song. Someone else borrows the guitar and sings Joni Mitchell. One of the teens plays Kimya Dawson on a ukelele. When we sing Puff, some of the kids join in.

We really do sing chants around the campfire. Not all the time. They’re interspersed with Indigo Girls, Nirvana, Madonna, Fats Waller, and always another Beatles song. One Direction gets their due, as well as Patsy Cline, Chuck Berry, and Bob Marley.

Still, nothing gets everyone singing more than My Soul or We Are the Rising Sun. And there’s rarely a night that doesn’t end with Goodnight Sweet Witches.

On this site, you’ll find:

  • background articles about Reclaiming – our music, magic, and activism. 
  • the story of this album – and Reclaiming;s past albums
  • song-by-song lyrics and lore for the entire album, including interviews with Starhawk, Suzanne, Alphonsus, Ravyn, Thorn, and many more.

And now, the circle is cast. We are between the worlds. And what happens between the worlds can change all the worlds.

Let the magic begin!

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