Wings: Simple Chants for Everyday Rituals


New Recordings from Suzanne Sterling

Suzanne Sterling’s songs have been integral parts of Reclaiming’s past three albums: Second Chants, Witches Brew, and now Campfire Chants.

As part of creating this booklet, we asked Suzanne to tell us about her own new chants album, Wings.

I write chants and songs constantly. After creating chants for many Witchcamps over the years, I have released an album called Wings.

As long as I am teaching at camps, I will be writing chants for ritual! I have sung some of these chants all over the world.

For many years now, I have been co-creating rituals for connection, community and transformation. I have been blessed to work with incredible colleagues and communities, remembering and reinventing the myths and stories that give our lives hope, meaning and a deeper connection with source. And in each of these numerous and diverse situations, singing and song has been a deeply unifying force.

I have seen thousands of people dance and sing in unified prayer for peace. I have heard voices raised in grief and sorrow, in joyful ecstasy, and in heartfelt devotion. I have sung with birthing mothers and dying fathers. I have sung in garbage dumps in tent cities, with irrepressible children in orphanages, at huge public festivals and in shimmering temples deep in the woods. I know the power of the collective song and I can imagine a world where we remember that singing is our birthright… as natural as breathing.

I created this recording as simply as possible. 25 short chants to be used for coming together, raising energy, invocations and prayer. My hope is that you make them your own and that you sing them with passion!

Thanks to my friends and mentors from the Reclaiming Community who encouraged and supported my first songs and will most likely be there for my last. It was during 25 years of Reclaiming Magic and Activism gatherings that most of these songs were born. My years as Director of the Off The Mat, Into the World Seva Challenge has led me to understand the power of music as a universal language that can transcend differences and change us forever and I am so grateful for that. Thanks to Jacob Nasim and April Taylor for instigating this project, for Chris Krotky for years of musical collaboration and to all who have supported me over the years.

As merry we have met

As merry we have been

So merry may we part

And merry meet again!

Bright Blessings – Suzanne

Wings is available at, iTunes, and other online outlets

Hear more music at

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