Song 17: Skit: Around the Campfire


Listen to the album free on YouTube and Spotify

Our honored guests chime in

Part of the magic around the late-night campfire is never knowing who might still be awake and stop by.

It might be a beloved friend or teacher. It could be an emissary from the kitchen with some leftover snacks.

Or it might be the spirit of an ancestor. They’re with us all the time.

Some come to sing, some to hum along. Some love it when we sing their songs. Others get cranky because we change the words.

Some savor the smell of smores. Others flee at the first lines of Puff the Magic Dragon.

You never know what dear comrade or cantankerous predecessor might contribute to the proceedings.

Our Honored Guests

To round out this recording we invited a variety of special guests to lend their voices around the campfire. You’ll hear them following several songs.

Witchcamp friends Starhawk and Magic Brook discuss music and ritual. Chorus members warm up while kids play in the background. Fiddle and flute diligently tune up.

Careful listeners might also hear ancestral voices of (or readings from) the Gnostic text Thunder, Albert Einstein, Virginia Woolf, John Lennon, Baruch Spinoza, patrons at the Café Americain, the gospel of Luke, Groucho Marx, Jane Austen, Leon Trotsky, Charles Mingus – and that’s Janis Joplin’s witchy cackle following Wheel of the Year.

Welcome all!

Listen to the album free on YouTube and Spotify

Photo courtesy of Trillium/RQ.

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