Revolutionary Pagan Workers Vanguard

The Voice of the Pagan Proletariat 

Special Chants Edition

The RPWV was a satire page of Reclaiming Quarterly magazine, 1997-2004, with special editions in years since. This is issue #37. For past editions, visit


Music Industry Stunned as Reclaiming Wins Special Grammy

Following the chart-topping success of its latest release, Campfire Chants, Reclaiming has been awarded a special Grammy that presages major changes in the new-age music industry.

The award, for Most Songs Written to Same Tune, cited five songs from the new album as well as numerous songs from earlier albums.

Grammy voters were especially impressed with the minimalist lyrics. “Most artists would write one song with five verses,” mused one elector. “It’s quite revolutionary to turn it into five different songs with identical tunes.”

Reclaiming’s success is sending shock waves through the neo-pagan music business, which immediately began repackaging older melodies with a wide variety of new Earth-friendly lyrics and rushing them into production by the dozens.


Next Reclaiming Album Slated for Spring 2037

Please advance order now!

The next Reclaiming chants album is already underway!

The new recording, tentatively titled Chants My Goddessmother Taught Me, will include all of the greatest Reclaiming songs written from now until then.

Based on past projects, we anticipate the album will be released in May 2037, give or take a decade.

Please help us produce this beautiful and inspiring new album of not-yet-written chants by advance ordering now!


Revolutionary Pagan Barricade Chants

Undaunted by Reclaiming’s Campfire Chants, the Peoples Pagan Party has announced the long-delayed release of their soon-to-be-classic album of Earth-based dialectical materialist singalongs, Revolutionary Pagan Workers’ Barricade Chants.

Barricados, as the legendary album is known on the front lines of the Great Leap Into the Unknown, features such gems as Weave and Spin the Unity of All Oppressed Wiccan Workers; We Are the Rising of the Spiritually-Aspiring Masses; We All Come from the Peoples Pagan Party; and of course, Goodnight Sweet Proletarians of the World.

Tracks for Barricados were recorded by a solar-powered cultural-vanguardist production team embedded at direct actions in Calgary, Miami, Oakland, and Headwaters Forest.

Benefit Mega-Event Planned – Arrests expected

Barricade Chants is to be released with great fanfare, including a tour of pirate radio talk shows, pop-under ads on grassroots media websites, and a massive globally-streamed mega-event on Permanent Revolution Day.

The festivities will culminate with a seven-continent live multi-media sing-along of the new album’s #1 hit, Our Hands Will Work for Peace, Justice, Solidarity, Diversity, Gluten-Free Options, and a $15 Minimum Wage.

Immediately following the benefit concert, a spontaneous international civil disobedience action resulting in thousands of arrests is planned. All charges will be dropped later as part of a final settlement mediated by the Covenant of the Goddess’s Special Envoy for Charity Concerts.

Copyrights Challenged

Potential snafus arose for Barricados when the Neo-Wiccan Latter-Day Disciples of the Mysterious Ones claimed copyright violations on several chants, citing numerous cribs from old Reclaiming albums, Pentacostal hymnals, and vintage IWW songbooks.

But the claims were dismissed by a Popular Pagan Chants Tribunal, which ruled that all

continued on page D-125



Photo – Revolutionary cadre practice hand motions for barricade chants in preparation for showdown with San Francisco Police. Foreclose the Banks, 2011. Photo by Luke Hauser/

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