Cantos20 – First Session

Here’s some very rough recordings from our first rehearsal. Mostly we worked on pronunciations, phrasings, and melodies – but there are a few arrangement gems here too!

Click here to download a ZIP of all these songs as MP3s

Elemental Pronunciations – tutorial 01

Air I Am / Aire Soy – good rough mix

Air / Aire – Muddy Waters version

Tierra Mi Cuerpo – melody – listen especially to “mi aliento” phrasing

Tierra & Earth My Body – overlay

Tierra Mi Cuerpo – Round – great drop-out ending

Earth My Body – melody

Somos Un Circulo – pronunciation – listen to the phrasing of “sin principio” and “sin final”

Circle/Circulo – with verses

Somos Un Circulo – Faster Version

Ella Cambia Todo – pronunciation

Ella Cambia Todo – melody

Strand By Strand Overlay – English & Spanish – Ella Cambia enters near end

Weaver Weaver – very rough with whole chorus on all verses

Rhythm Guitar Tracks for Paul

Air I Am – bluesy version

We Are a Circle – fast rhythmic version

Earth My Body – reggae version