Cantos20 – February Demos

Demo Recordings from February 22 Rehearsal

Sample recordings from February 22 – we most have keys and tempos, although Tierra Mi Cuerpo is still in process.

Current idea is that the four bilingual chants make up a mini-album, and Weaver Weaver is released separately as a single.

These are links to m4a files – they should work on Chrome browser – maybe not on Firefox etc

Air I Am – with bluesy ending (Em)

She Changes Everything/Ella Cambia Todo (Dm)

Tierra Mi Cuerpo– medium tempo (Dm)

Tierra Mi Cuerpo – faster & faster! (Dm)

We Are a Circle/Somos Un Circulo – with verses (Em)

Weaver Weaver – very rough version (F)

Odds & Ends

Air I Am – bluesy ending samples

Ella Cambia – two trials

Ella Cambia – trial with drums

Tierra Mi Cuerpo – four versions – faster tempo

Pronunciation Demos

Somos Un Circulo – solo voice

Somos Un Circulo – pronunciation

Elements – pronunciation

Sin principio – pronunciation

Tierra Mi Cuerpo – melody

Tierra Mi Cuerpo – pronunciation