Cánticos Sagrados – Rough Demos

These are very rough living-room demos of the songs we are working toward recording. The four bilingual chants are for the Cánticos Sagrados album, and Weaver Weaver is a separate single. And don’t miss the sock-hop demo at the end!
Someone said: “It sounds like Reclaiming singing!” I think they meant it as a compliment…
We had planned to record in mid-2020, but the project has been delayed for the time being. We hope to resume when it’s safer to gather.

Hear our first (very) rough demos!

Aire Soy/Air I Am – with Muddy Waters coda

Ella Cambia Todo / She Changes Everything She Touches

More Test Versions

Tierra Mi Cuerpo – chorus medium tempo (Dm)

Tierra Mi Cuerpo – chorus faster & faster! (Dm)

We Are a Circle/Somos Un Circulo – chorus with verses (Em/122bpm – too fast)

We Are a Circle/Somos Un Circulo – rhythm test at 116bpm (ascending “breaks” at beginning, middle, and end are fiddle solos)

Weaver Weaver – chorus – very rough version (F)

Weaver Weaver – rhythm test – F/82bpm

She Changes Everything – special sockhop version – with pictures!