Cánticos Sagrados – New bilingual chants recordings!

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Cánticos Sagrados – Bilingual Chants On the Way!

The Campfire Chorus* is heading back to our garage studio to record bilingual Spanish-English versions of some of our most-loved chants:

  • Air I Am / Aire Soy
  • Tierra Mi Cuerpo / Earth My Body
  • We Are a Circle / Somos Un Circulo
  • She Changes Everything / Ella Cambia Todo
  • Hecate, Cerridwen

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Hear our first demos – very rough recordings!

Please Support Our New Recording!

Although we plan to record again in a home/garage studio, we need your support to buy a good USB converter, a condenser microphone, and studio speakers – total about $1000. Later, we’ll need support for the final mastering steps.

Please help! Donations are tax-deductible. You can donate via paypal, or email us for a mailing address or with any questions.

Donate (tax-deductible): paypal.me/tembook

Questions: ReclaimingQuarterly@gmail.com

Hear our first demos – very rough recordings!

* – The Campfire Chorus – The Campfire Chorus formed in 2014 to rehearse and record Reclaiming’s Campfire Chants album. Many of us met at Redwood Magic and Witchlets family camps.

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